Cities: a ’cause of and solution to’ climate change

Ms. Sharif will be joining world leaders at United Nations headquarters in New York next week at the Climate Action Summit convened by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres. UN-Habitat is supporting one of...
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Ins and Outs of Managing Special Wastes

As state and federal regulators push for higher diversion targets, less waste is landfilled and more operators are supplementing their incoming loads by taking “special wastes.” Such ventures can be...
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Solar is Now ‘Cheaper than Grid Electricity’ in Every Chinese City

China has the largest solar industry in the world and now it has reached grid parity. This expansion means solar generation costs the same as electricity from the grid. Continue...
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This is How China’s Visually Impaired Individuals are Training Their Reflexes

A small but devoted group of Chinese developers are trying to bring accessible games to the country’s visually impaired. Read the full article on: World Economic Forum | Agenda |...
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Could Mean the End of Traditional Manufacturing in Africa

  Most of today’s developed countries, as well as those that transformed their economies in the second half of the twentieth century, relied on export-oriented manufacturing to boost productivity and...
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